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Electric cream cooker

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Our machines are designed, manufactured and assembled in ITALY
Le nostre macchine sono progettate, costruite e assemblate in ITALIA.

General characteristics

  • Blending process is carried out by mixing tool
  • Bottom scrapers which prevent sticking and burning
  • Scrapers collect mixture from side and bottom of the bowl
  • Scrapers fast removing system, without any tools
  • Quick and easy to clean
  • Thermal oil inserted between 2 wall coats
  • Safe heat distribution between 2 wall coats
  • Outer, third coat of the bowl prevents machine from heat loss
  • 2 working speed (variable on models 200/300/500 )
  • Maximal temperature up to 150°C
  • Temperature can be blocked on another, lower level
  • All elements are made of food-grade materials
  • Tilting bowl for easy discharging and cleaning
  • By rotation wheel – MC-30,60,80,120
  • Motorized – MC-200/300/500)
  • Bowl cover with inspection hooper for monitoring
  • Bowl lock in any place during discharging operation
  • Timer – manual or automatic work
  • Each machine can be prepared with bowl tap
  • Each machine can be combined with a cooling system (OPTIONAL)
  • Each machine can be equipped with an inverter
  • Movable, with castors
  • Made entirely in AISI 304 stainless steel


Cream cookers machines available from 30 up to 500 l bowl capacity with different options to customize it for each customer requirements. Special mixing tools with side and bottom scrapers. The timer and temperature regulator are in standard equipment. Special cover with a small hopper to check the product or add some ingredients without stopping the machine. Easy bowl emptying by rotating the wheel to tip the bowl with a stop in any bowl position or by using the tap (optional). Cream cookers models 200,300 and 500 l are in standard equipped with; a variable speed mixing tool, motorized bowl tipping system and bowl tap. MC cream cooker is a great tool to make all kinds of almond nougats from scratch. The cream cooker is a high- quality heater and mixer. By using of bain-marie cooking concept it’s possible to achieve great results in the final product like Hard Almond Nougat, Turrón Duro or Turrón de Alicante.




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