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Two cylinders moulder machine

Standard 3Ph - 50/60Hz
On request 220V - 1Ph - 50/60Hz

Our machines are designed, manufactured and assembled in ITALY
Le nostre macchine sono progettate, costruite e assemblate in ITALIA.

General characteristics

  • Extremely delicate machine during the rolling phase
  • Moulding machines, with a standard width of 500 or 600 mm
  • Strong machines
  • Structure in painted steel
  • Structure in stainless steel (on request)
  • The movement units are assembled on ball bearings
  • It can roll and mould pieces from 25 g to 800 g of any type of dough, without tearing
  • Version F has an adjustable long loaf moulder, 500 mm or 600 mm wide and 800 mm long
** The FR2 CA bread moulder machines are equipped with a automatic anti-rejection device for a soft rolling of the dough. In fact, the machine can also be used for rolled croissants.


The 2 cylinder moulding machine FR2C with a standard width of 500/600 mm, is a versatile and robust machine. Its structure is completely made of painted steel and all the moving parts are mounted on ball bearings which make the FR2C a solid and silent machine. FR2C is also versatile as it can roll up 25 gr. and 800 gr pieces of any type of dough without causing any tear. The standard equipment is made up of: in feed belt, standards compliant safety guard, a device for the return of the formats, two small benches, a device for the blocking of the upper table-holding sheet and 4 self locking wheels. OPTIONAL: It can be combined with our independent long loaf moulder ROLLPRESS




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