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  • MAC.PAN I nostri primi 40 anni di lavoro

    Our first 40 years of operations.

Company Profile

It all began on 6 October 1983, when Ottorino Marcante, together with his children, decided to make available his experience to support, maintain, service and repair oven and pastry shop equipment, as well as machinery for bakeries, gaining and consolidating a leading position on the Italian market in just a few years.

The experience gained over time, combined with a vocation for innovation and the development of new technologies, has enabled the company to broaden its horizons, firstly working in the reconditioning of machinery with complete overhauls, followed by the design and manufacture of machinery and supply of equipment for bakeries, pastry shops, pizzerias and for the entire Ho.Re.Ca. industry, including industrial kitchens for large communities.

Pushing horizons further,
the limit is our imagination.

All of the above comes with a guarantee of prompt and precise support, all over the world. Since the early Nineties, the company has been operating on foreign markets, starting out in the countries of Eastern Europe, then offering machinery and services with high added value to other continents, reaching 100 countries around the world.

Today, our MAC.PAN is more than ever projected onto the global market, appreciated for the quality of its machinery and industrial lines, for the reliability of its service, for its values of integrity and honesty which our clients have come to appreciate for over fourty years.


The use of innovative technologies allows us to maintain superior quality standards, whilst remaining competitive on the market.

State-of-the-art technology and respect for the environment are key values at MAC.PAN: the company is autonomous from an energy point of view, thanks to a photovoltaic system that easily satisfies all internal demands.

Foundation, development, evolution.
Our first 40 years of operations.

  • 1983


    MAC.PAN was founded to provide repairs and servicing of machines of other brands

  • 1990

    MAC.PAN decides to start providing refurbishment services
  • 1998

    MAC.PAN starts to manufacture its own new machines under its own brand, thanks to 15 years of extensive experience gained by servicing the machines of its competitors
  • 2010

    MAC.PAN has a package of machines under its own brand and starts providing a turnkey service, supplying machines from A to Z and managing its customers from design to installation
  • 2012

    In its first year MAC.PAN sells more than 1,000 machines and ovens
  • 2018

    Italmix is founded, the sister company of MAC.PAN, specialised in the manufacturing of twin-arm kneading machines
  • 2020

    In its first year MAC.PAN sells more than 2,000 machines and ovens
  • 2023

    The company’s 40th anniversary is celebrated during the IBA trade fair in Munich, Germany

    Our showroom
    is full of answers

    Before investing in new equipment, get a full understanding of what you’re purchasing, and ensure it is the right product for your needs with a product demo and test in our showroom.
    In our seat in Thiene (Vicenza) a well equipped laboratory has been arranged to test all our products. Our customers have can verify the way how our machines work their dough and they can experience the result of the process of production MAC.PAN labelled.

    A laboratory at your disposal

    In our laboratory, you can test our entire range of bakery, pastry and pizzeria equipment, starting from the preparation of raw materials (dosing and mixing), through dividing, rolling, forming, rising, baking and ending with the cutting and packing.

    Start production
    by turning the key

    The “time factor” is decisive for the success of every product. The turnkey solution is the response for this challenge.

    Thanks to its technical and technological experience, developed in over 40 years, MAC.PAN puts itself forward as main contractor for the realization of complete plants for the bakery, pastry and industry, ranging from raw materials preparation to packaging. It selects the best equipment and takes care of the perfect interface of the machines.
    Several highly specialized working teams perfectly organized together, follow all the Turnkey solution stages. From the study of the project to the installation of the plant. Only in this way will the final product be obtained and meet expectations.

    Turnkey service

    The customer can start production simply by “turning the key”

    • Consultancy to Specify Project Requitements

    • Design & Planning
    • Procurement
    • Installation & Testing
    • Site Visit & Control
    • After Sales Service & Maintenance

    Product Research & Development,
    MAC.PAN power

    In order to keep your business running smoothly, you need to be sure that our products will serve you well. Take advantage of our knowledge and experience, and you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes from thinking you’ve made the right decision.

    Send us your ingredients or join us right here at MAC.PAN to find out for yourself that our solutions will get you the results you need. We have decades of experience in order to help our clients bring new products to market and continually raise the bar.

    Quality, reliability, efficiency

    Count on MAC.PAN for a great machines selection able to meet and exceed your expectations. No matter what you’re creating, MAC.PAN offers versatile machines that will provide you with a great return on investment.

    Parts & Service

    Your partnership with MAC.PAN doesn’t end with installation.
    We stand behind our products and are dedicated to providing you with comprehensive service and support. From replacement parts to maintenance and guidance, rely on MAC.PAN to deliver anything you need to keep your business efficient and your products consistent.


    We know how stressful starting a new business or new location can be. As such, we offer full build-out services that begin from the initial concept and follow through to opening day. From aiding in selecting potential locations to finalizing the CAD designed layout of your new business, we have everything handled for every step of the way. We work direct with consultants and contractors to ensure the entire process remains as smooth as can be.

    Smart logistics,
    speed and safety

    Thanks to an extensive network of representatives and distributors formed over its 40 years of experience, MAC.PAN supplies its products to all major markets in Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania and the Americas.
    We are in more than 100 countries in the world, and exports make up about 80% of its turnover, through its world wide operations, either directly or through dealers.

    • We have a wide range of machines and ovens always in stock

    • Our warehouse is always able to meet any demands for fast deliveries
    • Our solutions are designed to prepare orders swiftly without making any mistakes.
    • We guarantee prompt and complete deliveries
    • We guarantee efficient shipment of goods
    • We pay utmost attention during all packaging operations to prevent any forms of damage

    En route towards the future.
    Less waste and ease of use.

    We have just completed the transition from hard to digital copies of all the manuals and technical documentation that accompany our machines. We have eliminated the use of raw materials for printing and packaging of manuals, we no longer generate waste when machine models are updated, and have eliminated all environmental costs related to the printing and carriage of all such material. Furthermore, the manuals are always updated and readily available. This is what we mean when we talk about a vision for the future.

    Simple and always available
    The documentation is digital

    The digitization work generates outstanding benefits also for our customers:

    • it is no longer possible to misplace manuals;
    • the material is always available on the customer’s device, anywhere, at any time;
    • everything is always updated to the latest version.


    Using the QR code that is printed directly on the machine, you are sure to have ready access to the manuals and technical data sheets you need.
    • capture the QR code on your smartphone;
    • connect to the support portal and enter the model;
    • consult the documents of interest. Easy!

    MACPAN Srl
    Via dell'Astronautica, 2
    36016 Thiene (VI) ITALY
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